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Webinar Wednesdays
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Webinar Wednesdays - A New Option for Beacon Members 

Beacon has undergone a tremendous effort to define who we are as an organization and to listen to the interests and ideas you - our members - share.  One request we heard loud and clear is the desire for insightful programming that can be delivered in alternative ways.  Each of us cannot attend all the Beacon subgroup meetings, and some locations and times may be more accessible/attractive than others.

Taking our cue from the networks’ summer programming, we are experimenting with a summer line-up of “Webinar Wednesdays.”  Beginning July 12th, we are going to offer a one-hour, “lunch and learn” webinar that will address a topic we believe will appeal to a broader group of members than any singular subgroup.  Each webinar will be offered on the 2nd Wednesday of the month - July 12th, August 9th, and September 13th - from noon to 1:00 pm EDT, and will be free of charge.  Those in the Human Resources Community will be happy to know these summer webinars have been approved for 1 SHRM/HRCI credit per session.  See the listings below, then pick one, two or three, depending on your interest.  Although each session can be accessed by individuals alone, it also affords a great opportunity for a group of Members to gather for networking and view a webinar together.

Our first set of webinars will be delivered by Caliper Corporation, out of Princeton, NJ.  Caliper was selected for a multitude of reasons, beginning with their excellence in the Employee Assessment & Talent Development Solutions arena.  Founded in 1961 by Dr. Herb Greenberg, Caliper has been recognized, through multiple awards and accolades, as a leader in personality assessment analytics.  This is important to us, as the Brandon Hall Group identified “People Strategy” as the most important lever for organizational success.  So, whether you are leading a group, or are part of a great team, deeper and clearer understanding of what makes each of us our best is essential for organizational success.  Another major reason for selecting Caliper, is they have the platform/facilities to run the entire webinar process for us.  Lastly, once delivered, the material becomes ours to put into a Beacon Library, where our Members will have the ability to access again, free of charge. 

Interested in the content, but busy that day?  No problem!  Register anyway, and you will receive the recording directly from Caliper to view the session and access handouts if applicable. Following each webinar, we will post links to the recorded session and any materials provided to registrants that relate to the presentation. 

Going forward, the Program Committee will be evaluating the success of our “Webinar Wednesdays” offering to see if we are meeting Members’ needs.  If we determine there is demand, we will build a process where our members, guests and respected great thinkers will be able to offer additional webinars and/or provide materials for our Beacon Library.  All webinars will be offered at no charge to our Members.  Want to add a networking aspect?  Invite a group to join you for lunch and post-webinar discussion.

Here are the upcoming programs in the Summer Line-Up



Wednesday, August 9th: Noon – 1:00 p.m.      Location: Your Choice

Empowering Women Leaders: Research-Based Approaches that Deliver Results.

Presented by Caliper's Director of Organizational Research, Jennie Hollmann, PhD., this webinar will discuss:

·              The realities of women leaders in the corporate environment

·              Caliper’s research findings on successful women leaders and the barriers they face

·              How to leverage Caliper’s research data to empower and develop your current and aspiring women leaders



Wednesday, September 13th: Noon – 1:00 p.m.   Location: Your Choice

Unleashing the Power of Organizational Climate and Culture: Connecting to Caliper’s Research and Development

Presented by Caliper’s SVP of Consulting Services, Jo Moore and George Brough, VP of Organizational Development Services, this webinar will discuss:

·              The difference between culture and climate, and why it matters

·              Diagnostic tools to determine your culture and climate

·              The 13 different types of culture explored

·              How to leverage the research and tools to impact business results